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The Grounding Nest for children

Made with yard waste from the dump and other reclaimed materials this nest is wrapped with copper wire and contains wire mesh underneath the flooring which is attached to a grounding rod in the earth. This grounds any EMF or static electricity in the environment and creates a healing earthy feel to the structure. Underneath the flooring there is a crystal grid and Orgonite which also enhances the calming meditative effect of the nest and eliminates positive ions from the air. The majority of the structure is created with willow which aspirin is derived from so the plant naturally has a relaxing effect. Inside the nest there are also “give-and-take prayers and affirmations” written of fabric to infuse the subconscious of the children with healthy attitudes about themselves. The children are encouraged to write their own prayers and affirmations and take ones for themselves.

This structure is donated to The Grow Haus in Denver which is doing amazing work for one of the most poor and polluted neighborhoods in Denver. I feel the mis-behavior of children is more a product of the environment and culture, this womb space allows little ones to decompress from the toxicity that we are surrounded by. Oh and its on wheels so one can move it where ever it is needed.

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